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    Would like to open wo card door agent business,
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    Doors and Windows Too many brands,
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    Walter, doors and WindowsSolution for you open a shop!
    German technology、Tailored、Network to provide、Professional r&d team、 To provide System training、 To provide The integration of services 360°Support,One-to-one nanny service,Really low risk,More easy to get rich!
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    Voss card door to invite you to join us
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    All-round10Big policy support
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    Decorate a subsidy support

    Decorate a subsidy support

    Nanjing card door window is in the process of the exhibition hall decoration,According to set up shop shop address area,Providing subsidies to decorate!

    The exhibition hall is designed to support

    Decorate a subsidy support

    Nanjing voss card door window will ask professional designer storefront fitment design free of charge,30Decorate easier then up days store system

    The entire training support

    Decorate a subsidy support

    Before opening the terminal opened systematically the business personnel training and business training support。

    Support sales promotion activity

    Decorate a subsidy support

    Each big active node material free design,The entire guide professional team,More deals power terminal

    Shoppers installation support

    Decorate a subsidy support

    We regularly organize business school curriculum,Systematic training to build a terminal strength business team

    Lifting scheme

    Decorate a subsidy support

    According to different regional sales market,The strongest brand building area, Leading terminal。

    Reward support to complete the task

    Decorate a subsidy support

    Implementation of a number of incentives,Performance-based contract task point rebates and etc

    Exclusive designer support for free

    Decorate a subsidy support

    Portland union card headquarters、Multiple power designer alliance,Win industry leading in the channels。

    Advertising subsidies support

    Decorate a subsidy support

    The company terminal during the activity,Provide multimedia multi-channel promotion expenses subsidies support, etc

    Branding support

    Decorate a subsidy support

    Company headquarters business team will build systematically the terminal strength,Training school curriculum learning on a regular basis。

    To join us·Process
    Join us for a minute,Voss card door unprecedented confidence and profit for you

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    Voss headquarters
    Appreciate the card

    Windows and doors closed voss card,Open the sweet life

    Importance,Has its own style,Walter, welcome you to join us

    Card has doorways , We sincerely invite Windows agents to join us

    Long distance,Let you feel the exquisite quality guarantee

    Set design, production, processing and service words card doors and Windows

    Choice is the explanation of a sensible man,It can determine your career and life...

    About the card
    Have life

    About us

    The company is in jiangsu province、Nanjing、Changzhou、Suzhou、Wuhu、Ma on shan、Zhenjiang、Yangzhou regions such as the main business:Nanjing doors and Windows、Nanjing broken bridge aluminum、Nanjing sun room、Nanjing broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows、Nanjing anti-theft doors and Windows、Doors and Windows partition manufacturer、Nanjing soundproof Windows and doors、Heat insulation broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows、King kong one window、An integrated window、Nanjing move the door、Doors and Windows, etc,Responsible for the investment、To join us、Wholesale、Manufacturers、The manufacturer、Maintenance and repair、Brand、High-end custom, etc。We, with Hong Kong card construction group co., LTD., long-term close cooperation,Card group is a sino-german joint venture、Domestic outstanding energy conservation and environmental protection one of the Windows and doors production and processing enterprises。Voss card group has excellent technology and equipment resources in Germany,With excellent production line100Yu,Annual sales of up to5000Tons。Our company pay attention to product quality and technology research and development,The existing research and development team500More than one,Has the patent263Items,The patent56Items,Variety is door window industry,One of the patent more enterprises,By construction--Doors and Windows enterprise heavy aircraft carrier!Building doors and Windows for many years, in line with the quality strives for the survival,To the prestige to strive for the development of business ideas!For the general customers to provide more more comprehensive high-quality service,Professional after-sale team let customers worry-free。Enterprises subordinate to the doors and Windows system has reached the best level,Can be tailored to meet the need of customers...

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